New Baby Care: Best Newborn Rules And Tips

The day when a newborn child is discharged from the hospital is the happiest date in the life of parents and their loved ones.

From that day on, everything turns into the “center of the universe,” around which the whole family “revolves.” The first days of a baby at home are the most difficult period because not only the newborn needs to adapt to the new world but also his parents.

So much to think about, discover, and so much to feel! In addition, the first days of a child’s life are very delicate and sensitive.

First Days Newborn Rules At Home

Moms get their first skills in caring for a baby in the maternity hospital, but after arriving home, many are lost, not understanding how to properly care for a newborn.

At such a moment, people who already have experience in dealing with a newborn come to the rescue. But what if there is no one nearby who could tell and teach inexperienced parents? Perhaps parents will be able to get the necessary information from this article.

Let’s start with the preparations for the discharge of the newborn home. What needs to be done:

Prepare the room where the baby will be (do a wet cleaning and ventilate). It is necessary to prepare a place and accessories for bathing the baby, namely:

  1. Small bath
  2. Soft, large towel
  3. Baby soap or bath foam
  4. Big bucket
  5. Potassium permanganate
  6. Thermometer for water

Now you can take care of the essentials – these are:

  1. Diapers, undershirts, bonnets, diapers, sanitary napkins
  2. Two blankets (thin and warm)
  3. Three large oilcloths (for the crib, for the changing table, and in the stroller)
  4. Baby changing table
  5. Children’s first aid kit with the necessary kit (sterile cotton wool, cotton swabs, swabs, twisted cotton flagella, vaseline and baby oil, thermometer, sterile gauze)
  6. Manicure scissors with rounded tips

Baby’s first morning at home

The baby woke up, which means you need to start the morning hygiene procedures:

  • Wash his face with cotton balls soaked in boiled water
  • Wipe the eyes (each eye is wiped from the outer corner to the inner with an individual cotton ball)
  • Clean the nose with cotton swabs soaked in oil
  • Re-treat the umbilical wound with peroxide and anoint with brilliant green
  • Measure the temperature (in newborns, a temperature of 37.2 is the norm)
  • Trim your nails (necessarily in a straight line)
  • All the necessary procedures have been completed, you can think about a walk.

You can walk with a newborn the very next day after discharge from the hospital, but no more than 15 minutes (gradually, the time of the walk will increase). If the air temperature outside is from 0 to -5C, you can go for a walk.

In summer, you can only walk for half an hour; it is best in the morning before 11 am or in the afternoon after 4 pm.

Visting Newborn Rules

Finally, after so many months of waiting, the baby was born! And, of course, it couldn’t be any different, family, friends, grandma, grandpa, Dinda, uncles, and aunts…

Everyone is anxious to see the little face of this little one who barely arrived in the world and is already so loved and cherished. This is a moment full of news and joy when the parents’ routine becomes crazy.

Whether looking for rules for grandparents visiting newborns or newborn baby rules for the family, these new baby rules can assist them.

Some etiquette new baby rules for visiting a newborn can help your guests not to make mistakes during the visit. Although, they should always use common sense and imagine themselves in the baby’s mother or father’s shoes.

–      In maternity

Some families prefer to have their newborn baby visited in the hospital. Others prefer to spend those first few days only with those closest to them. To know what to do for sure, the best thing is to ask. If mom or dad asks you to wait a little longer, don’t get upset. Respect the decision and wait for a more suitable moment.

–      Call before visit

No surprise visits! Whether in the maternity ward or at home, it is very important to arrange the visit in advance. After all, as we mentioned above, this is a time when the family’s routine turns upside down. As difficult as it may be to control the anxiety of seeing the face of this beloved little being, it is essential to respect the parents’ time so that the visit is as well used as possible!

–      Do not take children

Do not bring children to visit the newborn. That’s because the little ones can make a lot of noise or want to pick up the baby (and kiss him), leaving the parents in despair and you in an awkward situation.

–      Don’t go if you are sick

As the baby has just been born, it still does not have a fully developed immune system, nor has it received all the vaccines. Therefore, he is susceptible to the action of viruses and bacteria. Only go if you are in very good health.

–      Do not smoke and do not use perfume

Baby’s sense of smell is very sensitive. Not to mention the possibility that he might be allergic. Therefore, it is recommended not to expose the child to perfumes in general. Also, do not smoke before or during the visit.

–      Keep hygiene

Keep in mind that a newborn is still not immune, so he must be protected from viruses and germs. Many mothers of newborns leave a bottle of alcohol gel available for visits. It’s not freshness and much less exaggeration. Use the hygienic product before picking up the baby; or, failing that, wash your hands thoroughly.

–      Be brief

Visiting a newborn is a sign that you care for him and his parents. It is a sign of affection and friendship. However, to demonstrate this, you do not need to stay for hours. Parents may want some privacy to rest instead of hanging out and chatting. If they ask you to stay longer, use your sensitivity to see if it’s just politeness.

–      Do not ask the mother to wake the baby

Newborn sleep is sacred! Therefore, if the baby is sleeping, do not even consider asking the parents to wake him up.

–      Roll up your sleeves

If you have doubts about what to bring when you visit a baby,  know that sometimes rolling up your sleeves can be the best gift. If you are close with the family, offer to help with some housework.

Washing dishes, mopping the floor, hanging out the clothes in the machine, or even cooking something delicious for the family will make all the difference in this very special and delicate moment.

–      Don’t give advice or guesses

Parents don’t need guesses, especially in those first few weeks when they are still getting used to the new situation. Inconvenient advice can make parents angry, insecure, and sad. So, avoid giving your opinion as much as possible unless asked.

–      Don’t take pictures

Yes, the baby is beautiful and fluffy, and you will want to take a picture to post on your social networks. But don’t! Only take pictures and post them on the Internet if your parents let you.

–      Time to breastfeed. It’s time to go.

If you notice that the baby is complaining of hunger, maybe it’s time to leave. Some women feel embarrassed and like to breastfeed the baby alone, in a private way. In the beginning, when many still don’t have practice, they can be insecure and get confused when offering their breasts in front of other people. When in doubt, it is better to take the opportunity to leave or leave the place.

Let’s Summarize!

The first days of a newborn at home are the most crucial period; we hope that our information will help you cope with it without much difficulty.

And Guests can come to the newborn if you agree in advance to the time of the visit, make sure that they are absolutely healthy, and warn them about the newborn rules for visiting your home.

Stay Happy & Healthy by following newborn rules!

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