A Complete Checklist Of Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

Whether for a first-time mother or someone who has already had the great experience of having a baby, if you plan it with a baby layette list, it facilitates the entire birth process to ensure greater preparation and health for mother and baby.

So, nowadays, it has become more difficult to have those baby showers at home, in which guests bring gifts and help the family in this moment of discovery and learning. Therefore, having a layette list with you is the safest alternative to guarantee the health and essential care of the baby without any unforeseen events.

If you accompany pregnant friends, you know that the items needed for the comfort of the little one can be quite large, right? In addition, there are some products that, at first, seem essential but which could be more useful in the routine with the baby.

Therefore, planning is the keyword to care for the baby safely and the certainty of the best items. Therefore, in this post, we will detail everything to buy for a baby layette, check it out!

What are baby things to buy before birth?

To ensure that your baby layette list is ready on time, without any rush, start between the 5th and 6th month of pregnancy. During this period, you will know which gender it is, facilitating your planning and choice of items.

You must have all the items inside the child’s room between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy. So, in the 9th month, you have to wait for the day you give birth and be sure that the family and the child will be protected with the appropriate accessories and items.

The baby layette list brings together several items, which we have separated into the categories below:

To make mom’s life easier

Of course, mom must have the best items so that it is very pleasant and unforgettable from the first moment.

1. For Moms

It’s normal to think of the baby immediately when talking about a layette, but while the little one is still in the womb, the focus should also turn to the mother. She must be prepared for routine eventualities and comfortable and well-served while the baby develops.

First-time mothers are living a whole new phase, and they don’t have any experience. After all, accompanying the growth of different babies, such as brothers, nephews, and cousins, ​​is different than creating a new life. The mother must have everything at her disposal to make this cycle easier and more comfortable, taking care of her health while worrying about new events.

The essential items for moms to buy during this period are:

  1. Maternity Suitcase Kit
  2. nursing bras
  3. Sweater to wear after childbirth
  4. Comfortable panties
  5. Large absorbents
  6. Absorbent pads and breast pads
  7. Breastfeeding pillow
  8. Jars for storing and freezing milk.

These accessories will help you care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy and beyond.

2. For The Baby’s Room

Armed with all the items to take care of you, it’s time to prepare one of the most important baby things to buy before birth: his room! The baby’s room is the object of desire for many mothers who want to welcome their children, for the bond between mother and child to be established, and for other moments of this creation.

In addition to thinking about all the decor, the aesthetic side is very important. The environment needs to offer practicality for both of you.

That’s where the clothes will be kept, where the crib will be, among other things, and therefore it should be a place of calm and warmth. This practicality is provided by furniture and essential accessories. They are:

  1. Adjustable crib
  2. Mattress
  3. Sheet
  4. Child
  5. blankets and blankets
  6. diapers
  7. mosquito net
  8. Little pillow
  9. Anti-reflux pillow
  10. Chest of drawers or children’s wardrobe
  11. Breastfeeding armchair
  12. Curtains
  13. Hangers
  14. Crib mobile
  15. Nursery kit with blowing baby, pacifier cleaner, and Pappum spatula.

3. Clothing And Accessories

We don’t even need to say how important and necessary clothes are, do we? They are what the baby will wear during his first months of life. It’s normal for mothers to get a lot of pieces from family members and close friends, but you can’t count on that alone. You have to go to the stores and buy several models!

Keep in mind that babies lose clothes very quickly, so they need a stock of different sizes, which should range from NR (newborn) to 6 months old, for example, divided into S, M and L clothes It is possible that, depending on the size of the baby, not even the newborn models will fit!

In addition, it is necessary to acquire pieces for the different seasons of the year. There are months when it can be very cold and others very hot. You have to be prepared to dress your son or daughter for any weather and occasion. The clothes are:

  1. Full bodied
  2. Overalls
  3. Long-sleeved T-shirts and blouses
  4. Shorts and pants with and without feet
  5. Socks
  6. Gloves
  7. Cap
  8. Maternity leave
  9. Sets
  10. Pissers
  11. Little shoes.

These are the main clothes you will dress your baby in the first months of life, especially the clothes for colder days, as he is sensitive to temperatures and must be well covered at all times to avoid illness.

4. Personal Hygiene And Health

Babies need help from moms and dads for everything, especially hygiene, and care is very varied, so you need to buy different baby things to buy before birth to ensure that. It is good to remember that having more quantities to care for the baby in its first weeks of life is necessary.

Therefore, accessories that meet the need for bathing and changing clothes and diapers are essential. These items are:

  1. Nasal aspirator
  2. Diaper packs of various sizes
  3. Baby wipe packs
  4. Wet tissue for nasal decongestion
  5. Cotton
  6. Cotton
  7. Liquid or bar soap
  8. Anti-rash ointments and a spatula to apply ointment
  9. Children’s colonies
  10. Shampoo and conditioner
  11. Children’s moisturizing cream
  12. Nail cutter and scissors
  13. A hairbrush
  14. Bathtub with seat and support
  15. Towel
  16. Bathtub thermometer
  17. Toys
  18. Changing kit
  19. Pacifiers sanitizing wet wipes

5. Feeding Accessories

In the first months of life, the baby is fed exclusively breast milk or powdered milk, if the mother cannot produce milk. You can check out our tips on increasing breast milk right here on the blog!

After a while, food introduction begins, according to pediatric guidance. In this way, it is necessary to have all the items that will facilitate the child’s feeding routine, in addition to its storage and transportation. They are:

  1. Feeding chair
  2. Bottles (preferably models that help with colic) and teats
  3. Children’s plates, spoons and forks
  4. Transition cups
  5. Bib and disposable placemat
  6. Diapers for mouth
  7. Milk powder holder and bottle
  8. Hygiene kit and sterilizer for baby bottles.

This last option is super useful when the baby’s bottle nipple falls to the floor, and you don’t have water available to wash it. Having these baby things to buy before birth available will help a lot in the busy routine of new parents, and the baby will be much more comfortable to go through new taste experiences.

6. Transport And Tour Items

In the first days after the baby’s arrival, it is common for parents to avoid going out and receiving guests at home. After all, the child still has lower immunity and needs to get used to being in an environment different from the womb. In addition, it is a matter of organization and adequacy of the routine. Having a baby at home can be complicated in the first few days.

But after spending this adaptation time, it’s normal to want to go out for a walk or receive visitors. Still, some items are very useful inside the house, mainly because you can’t keep the baby in your lap all the time. These items will make everyone’s routine more comfortable, including:

  1. Cart
  2. Baby comfort
  3. Fraser and small bag
  4. Rug to stay on the floor

7. Extra Items

Last but not least, other items should be on your baby layette list. These will allow the baby to be entertained, stay calm, be safer, receive health care, among other baby things to buy before birth. They are things for all times that are sorely missed when they are not on the list.

  1. First aid kit (thermometer, plasters, dropper, adhesive compress to relieve fever, etc.)
  2. Electronic nanny kit (camera and monitor)
  3. Pacifiers (if you want to give it to your child)
  4. Teether and gum ointment
  5. Device to relieve pain when taking an injection
  6. Different toys (rattles, teddy bears, and interactive pieces).


This was a post with the most essential baby things to buy before birth you must have in your checklist, but nothing prevents you from buying other things that are not here or different varieties. Everything will depend on your needs and your baby.

In addition, they may seem like many items, but the point is that they all have their due importance. You need to know that from the moment you discover your pregnancy, some plans will be secondary to receiving this new life, a child needs a lot of support.

Financial planning is essential, family and friends can help, but this does not always happen.

When you go to the stores to buy all these items, remember to cross off the ones already purchased and set priorities. There are 9 months to plan, you don’t have to have everything at once!

So, did you know you needed all of these items? Are there any extras you’re thinking of getting? Tell us! Happy pregnancy, and see you next time!

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