Check Out These 6 Best Foldable Playmats For Baby & Be The Parent They Love

According to Nationwide Children, a 4-month-old should have a tummy time of 90 minutes per day. Now…

  • It could be on a bed.
  • It could be on the carpet.
  • It could be on a good play mat.

And it’s the third option that I’ll be talking about today. Play mats for babies have various benefits.

  • It promotes the development of neck and upper body muscles.
  • It improves their motor skills and inspires them to roll, crawl and walk eventually.
  • It reduces the risk of flat head syndrome.

But why should you prefer foldable play mats for babies?

Benefits of Foldable Playmats For Babies

Benefits of Foldable Playmats For Babies

  1. They can be folded and stored easily when not in use.
  2. The ability to fold play mats allows for more accessible cleaning. You can lift it easily and clean the floor beneath it.
  3. They can be carried to parks and your sister’s home, as well.

Best Foldable Playmats For Babies

Now, what are the best options in this regard? I have done the tiring work for you by screening the Amazon reviews and finalizing the best ones for you.

1. Nuby Reversible Mat

Nuby Reversible Mat

I know how excited you feel when you get a 2-in-1 deal at a grocery store!
That’s what this foldable baby play mat has to offer.

It’s foldable so you can store it in your closet.
And it’s reversible so you can use it both ways.

Which means what?

You save space. And have the convenience of carrying it to picnics.
You don’t have to clean it after every 3 weeks. Just flip and & use the fresh side.

It measures 77 x 58” which allows your toddler to roll and crawl on it for ample time. And it’s waterproof, too. In case of spills, simply clean it with a cloth. Plus the adorable objects (sun, moon, stars, clouds) make sure your little one is immersed and engaged.

Most liked feature What I didn’t like
Folds up nicely to fit under sofa The other side of the mat could be more attractive
Colors are aesthetically pleasing
Easy to wipe up messes and droll

2. UANLAOU Extra Large Play Mat

UANLAOU Extra Large Play Mat

Uanalou is a top manufacturer of baby products, having more than 10 million customers worldwide. This play mat is no exception to their high-quality and thoughtful products.

Huge at 79 x 71”, it’s got 3-layer padding including Plant Ink and anti-scratch XPE liners. This cushioned barrier prevents rug burns and makes sure your munchkin gets a safe playing time. Because it’s large in size, you can lie with your baby and provide him an entertaining tummy time with the toys.

As for the other benefit, it’s reversible in nature. There’s a cute bear design on one side and a rabbit design on the other – much better than the Nuby mat, to be honest.

These funny patterns aren’t just for show – they develop your kid’s cognitive abilities and improve his sensory and learning capabilities. And did I mention it is waterproof? The water, milk and food stains will not be absorbed making it particularly helpful for busy moms.

Most liked feature What I didn’t like
Design on both sides is adorable It’s thick so can’t be stored anywhere you wish
Folds easily in the bag it comes in
It’s soft enough to prevent even a head bump

3. Toodleroo Padded Baby Play Mat

Toodleroo Padded Baby Play Mat

Want another large folding baby play mat? Check this one out by the North States. Measuring 71 x 71”, this mat folds itself quite compactly in the carry bag (18 x 23”), which means what?

Yes, you can take it outdoors on the sunny lawn or to your sister’s home in the summer vacations.

There are 4 different designs to choose from – the exciting balloon design or the educational alphabet design or even the engaging funny face design. Entertaining tummy time along with education; a win-win, right?

Fashioned out of non-toxic and BPA-free PE form, this baby crawling mat has a waterproof surface. Milk spills on the mat? No problem, wipe it immediately with a good baby wipe without the fear of being absorbed (like your mattress).

Another big benefit of this mat is its durability. While other baby pay mats face peeling edges after months of use, this one remains as good as new. It’s not me who’s saying it. The mothers who bought it testify.

Most liked feature What I didn’t like
Have 4 different designs to choose from A bit more expensive than other play mats
Fits quite compactly
The sides do not tear easily

4. Noonkty Indoor & Outdoor Play Mat

Noonkty Indoor & Outdoor Play Mat

Tummy time is an important part of baby’s morning routine. And this animal-designed foldable play mat will provide just that. Immersed in an attractive design, it will keep her immersed for a long time.

If I talk about the features:

  • The size is 79 x 71”.
  • Made from safe XPE foam which has no formaldehyde or chemical smell.
  • Reversible; starry design on the other side.
  • 4” thick.
  • Comes with a carry case.
  • Waterproof surface.

Lay it on one side of the bedroom or lounge, lie with your kid and have a perfect family time together. When your baby’s playtime is over, fold it and store it under a sofa or bed. Easy, peasy.

Most liked feature What I didn’t like
Inexpensive The surface is not very durable
Great colors and pattern
The cloth bag allows it to be carried for travel easily.

5. Dream on Me Foldable Play Mat

Dream on Me Foldable Play Mat

Impressing parents with their baby products for 30 years, Dream On Me has now unveiled this fantastic folding play mat designed specifically for toddlers, keeping their safety and enjoyment in mind.

Now, let’s dive into the details. This play mat may be a bit smaller, measuring 77 x 58”, but don’t let that fool you – it packs a punch with its 0.5” thickness. Not only does this thickness provide a cushy layer for your little one’s playtime, reducing the risk of head bumps, but it also offers insulation against chilly floors.

What’s really cool is the reversible feature, treating you to captivating patterns on both sides. With four variants, including prints like clouds, dinosaurs, jungle bears, and adorable footprints, it’s a visual feast for your tot. Make it an interactive experience by teaching your little one the names of the patterns, giving their cognitive skills a boost.

The waterproof surface is a game-changer when it comes to cleaning up after those inevitable spills. Let’s face it – kids are experts at accidentally spilling everything from milk and juice to porridge and cereals. But fear not! A quick wipe with a cloth, and presto – it’s good as new!

Now, some parents have raised questions about the thickness, noting it’s on the thinner side. But guess what? Many see this as an advantage because it makes folding a breeze. Just pop it into its carry bag, and voila – neatly tucked away under the bed or couch.

Most liked feature What I didn’t like
Not costly The designs are not very stimulating. Some parents might not like that.
Different variants available
Made of non-BPA material & has 6 layers

6. Fodoss Foldable Play Mat

Fodoss Foldable Play Mat

I know I’m making your job harder by providing yet another good play mat for babies, but that’s the purpose of this article, right? After all, a play mat is one of the baby’s necessary items.

Sized perfectly for a 59 x 71” playpen, this mat effortlessly complements the play area, creating a soft and inviting space. The neutral woodsy animal theme adds a charming touch suitable for both boys and girls, ensuring a clean and cohesive play zone without overwhelming colors or cartoon chaos.

What makes this play mat a game-changer is its remarkable foldability. Folding up to a mere 6 x iPhone 11 lengths, it’s incredibly space-efficient – a perfect fit under a bed or tucked away in a corner. Reinforced corners and edges enhance durability, setting it apart from the rest.

But don’t just take our word for it. Parents rave about its versatility. One parent loves it for their home daycare, appreciating its comfort during tummy time and easy clean-up.

Another values its use outdoors, easily wiping it down after any spills. A third parent found it the ideal addition to their child’s playpen, adding that extra layer of cushioning for those inevitable tumbles.

Most liked feature What I didn’t like
Super easy to wipe down Some negative reviews about the durability.
Folds up quite compactly


What can I use instead of a playmat?

Other than the bay play mats, you can use the following:

  • Cotton rugs: They are safe and renewable.
  • Seagrass carpet: Provides an engaging surface for playtime. But could be hard for the skin.
  • Cotton blanket: Insulating and soft
  • Yoga mat: Add 2-3 side on side.

When should a baby stop using play mat?

The baby would stop using the play mat as soon as he is crawling freely. By that point, he would want to explore the world and the “boring” play mat will no longer compensate for his heightened curiosity.


This list of the best foldable play mats was gathered after going through the reviews and product descriptions carefully. You can easily click the links and check out the reviews yourself.

May you make the best decision for your baby.

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