35+ Items To Stock Up On Before Baby

Okay, so there are 2 things that you can do after giving birth to your sweet angel.

  1. You can stress about all the essentials you’ll be needing every new day & have your husband running to the nearby grocery store or pharmacy.
  2. You can plan about the baby’s (and your) requirements beforehand, so you only can primely focus on taking care of your newborn when the time comes.

2nd option. You picked the 2nd one, I know.

Good, but now what to stock up on before baby arrives?

There are groceries, medication, personal care items and a lot more. I’ll be giving you the list of each category, leaving the final decision of buying to you.

Let’s start.

Grocery items to to stock up on before baby

Grocery items to to stock up on before baby

You will be drained after the pregnancy and all sorts of postpartum hormones will be circulating in your body. In addition, you need protein for the whole body recovery. Sowhat foods should you stock up on before birth?

Let’s have a look at the postpartum grocery list.

  1. Green and leafy vegetables: They are rich in iron and calcium. And boosts breast milk production.
  2. Carrots: They are a great source of Vitamin A which boosts immunity.
  3. Apricots: They stabilize hormonal imbalances.
  4. Nuts: This can include anything from peanuts to almonds to walnuts. Not only are they good foods for munching but contain high concentrations of calcium and protein.
  5. Canned soups: You’ll be craving them, believe me.
  6. Olive oil: Cook your food in olive oil or dress it up on salads you eat. It improves immunity, removes stretch marks and prevents nipple cracking.
  7. Pasta and noodles: For those quick energy boosters.
  8. Peanut butter: Provides plant-based protein and is a quick good-sugar food. Spread it on the bread and you’re good to go.
  9. Other perishable items like milk, fruits, eggs and yogurt.

Household items to get before the baby comes

Household items to get before the baby comes

Toiletries, cleaning tools and storage compartments – these are some of the essential household items you need before your baby’s birth.

We all know how the interior of the house changes with the arrival of the new being. Why not prepare for it in advance, right?

  1. Paper towels or napkins: You need these to clean accidental spills and wipe food debris. Buy a carton of them so you save money, as well.
  2. Laundry detergent: Oh yes. Your baby stocking checklist will be incomplete without detergents. There will be a lot of washing to do. The baby’s clothes will need regular washing and yours too. Buy the one that is meant for sensitive skin.
  3. Food trays and bags: You’ll need them necessarily. Sometimes, you won’t be able to finish the whole lunch so you might have to store it in the food tray. Other times, your baby will not drink the whole formula milk and you might have to freeze it.
  4. Sanitizing wipes: You will need these to clean the crib, side tables or anything the baby could potentially touch. Babies like to put their hands in their mouths. Since his immunity is low initially, therefore it will be your responsibility to take care of the germs.
  5. Body lotion: One of the top postpartum skin problems is dryness. You might get dry lips, mouth or arms. For that matter, stock up on a herbal and animal-friendly body lotion.
  6. Storage cabinets: You can purchase a variety of storage compartments from online stores. Use them to store your baby’s clothes, grooming essentials, wipes, tissue paper and more. You get the idea, right?
  7. White noise machine: It’s a problem. And a big one – the baby just won’t sleep. That’s why you should invest in a white noise machine. It’s not necessary but if you have the budget, go for it. White noise machines produce soothing sounds that calm the baby and put him to restful sleep.

Baby items to stock up on before birth

Baby items to stock up on before birth

A new life is coming into this world. And a weak one. Your baby would need a 24/7 care routine to grow into a healthy being. That’s why these essentials will be nothing less than integral for you to buy before birth.

  1. Sleeping blanket: Your newborn needs to remain cozy at all times. And a cute, little blanket is the way to get that. Try getting an organic blanket because it will be free from all harmful chemicals.
  2. Swaddles: They really help a baby to sleep. Here’s how to correctly do it.
  3. Diapers:That is a no-brainer. Having a stock of diapers is essential before the baby comes. Whether you opt for cloth diapers or disposable ones, make sure you don’t buy a huge quantity of a single size. Because babies will grow more quickly than you can imagine.
  4. Breast pump: There are 2 ways of feeding the baby: breastfeeding and formula milk. If you plan to breastfeed your baby, having a nice breast pump is a good investment. Firstly, it ensures your baby gets the milk even if you’re not around. Secondly, it can pump out more milk from the breast and that increases the natural milk-producing capacity of breasts. Jasjit Singh explains it in this video.
  5. Baby clothes: Essential, right? Choose materials like cotton which are not harsh to the skin and prioritize getting stretchable clothes.
  6. Baby wipes: They will be used to clean the face of the newborn after feeding or wipe away any spills.
  7. Diaper creams: Because you don’t want hip itchiness and dryness to be painful for the young angel. These creams moisturize the squishy buttocks.

Also, follow the newborn rules once you’re back home from the hospital.

Personal care products to stock up on before baby

Personal care products to stock up on before baby

You’ll not remain in the hospital for long. You have to come back home, right? To help you feel like yourself again, these postpartum care products will certainly help. From emotional calming to treating skin dryness and beyond, it includes the most important things.

  1. Postpartum recovery kit: This includes disposable underwears, absorbent pads, medicated pad liners and healing foams. Together, they deliver the pain relief and care you need after giving birth. Look at this one.
  2. Witch hazel: For general swelling or hemorrhoid pain relief.
  3. Lip balm: I discussed earlier that you might experience skin dryness after the birth. A lip balm will moisturize your lips.
  4. Essential oils: Oh, yeah. They are calming and soothe your senses. You can have your husband massage it on your body or put it in a diffuser so it gets circulated around the whole bedroom.
  5. Nipple creams: Nipple cracking might occur, so it’s good that you have the cream to treat it beforehand.
  6. Stool softener: An answer to the potential constipation you might have.
  7. Perineal spray: A herbal mist that alleviates the down-there pain.

Medical supplies to get before the baby comes

Medical supplies to get before the baby comes

In the last, I have the medical supplies. It includes baby items as well as medications for you. Let’s check them out together.

  1. Vitamin D supplements: According to research, having vitamin D supplementation can enrich breast milk.
  2. Ipbrufen: For general pain relief from headaches, postpartum stress, etc.
  3. Gripe water: It treats the hiccups, colic and stomach aches of your newborn baby.
  4. Saline sprays: To treat nose congestion. You can also get saline spray.
  5. Baby Tylenol: It treats fever, minor aches and flu in your baby. According to Medical News Today, the dosage should be decided through a medical professional.

Tips for stocking items before baby comes

Tips for stocking items before baby comes

Convenience and price-cutting – these are the top 2 benefits of stocking up on baby essentials before birth. But how do you decide which items to buy and how many to purchase?

  1. Look at what you already have: If you have a huge supply of tissue paper already, no need to buy new ones. The same stands true for other items like shampoo, diapers or essential oils.
  2. Shop for the products a month before the due date: Any time sooner and the items could fall prey to being used by other family members. Also, if you’re getting canned or frozen foods too soon, they might turn bad.
  3. Spot sales: What point is there to stock if you can’t save money, right? Print out your list of essentials and find a grocery store/online store that is offering the most savings. Generally, buying in bulk always costs less.

Bottom line

So this was a comprehensive checklist of things to stock up on before the baby comes. Now you need not buy everything on this list (otherwise your husband will be mad:p). But go through the complete article and choose the most immediate ones you need.

Happy parenting. My virtual prayers are with you🙏.

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