Understanding the Generation Gap And Raising Holistic Children With New Age Parenting

Raising children, whoever said it was easy, isn’t true, especially in modern times. That’s not easy, and most parents nowadays work together, so it is difficult for them to give time and handle everything properly, according to your little angel.

Economic conditions force parents to rely on others to raise their children, causing a gap between parents and children.

Moreover, parents miss important moments in their child’s developing years.

Modern parenthood known as “New Age Parenting”has become a reality, and, by all indications, new age parenting is here to stay, stoning itself for years to come.

In addition, children in the so-called era grew up with many facilities, and with this wireless technology, it is more difficult to raise a child.

New age parenting

According to a research study found at Lund University, new age parenting styles are becoming increasingly important in the modern world. New age parenting styles are defined as the various modern ways parents raise their children.

Children will have less patience and wait, plus there’s no meditation. This makes us parents should take care of their children, have time for them, and be good role model.

But after all, how can this change be seen in practice? What are today’s parents like? Understand the new age for better parenting.

How much do you understand the term “Generation Gap”? First, you must understand this word: people from different eras have different ways of thinking, decision-making, and reasoning. A gap that can be filled with understanding.

Understand the new age for better new age parenting

It is very important to understand the generations and modern parenting vs. traditional parenting because, in each era, there is a change in the environment and technology, not just raising children.

Parents still have to grow up with their children to serve as a pillar of defense and continue to mentor the children.

1. Generation X

People or people born in the years 1965-1980 are a group that, when they were young, respected adults, obey parents, they did whatever their parents ordered. People nowadays are highly successful, but mostly with diligence and patience.

2. Generation Y

People or people born in the years 1980-2000, some may now be parents themselves. They will be a person with high confidence, who feels quite special and will believe you have talent.

3. Generation Z

Children born after the year 2000 will feel more special and believe more than anything, it must be given right away. Life has technology as an important part and is quite comfortable


New age parenting is unique for every family, and finding a balance that works best for your circumstances is essential.

Adopting new age parenting and tailoring it to your family’s needs, you can confidently navigate the joys and challenges of raising children in the 21st century.

New age parenting: What do parents need to understand?

Difficulty is not in the era, but it depends on understanding and learning with children simultaneously. Parents must be open-minded, open to the new generation of children’s self-expression and opinions, guide and act happily in society, for example:

1. Learning is not in textbooks.

The learning of modern children is not just in textbooks. Nowadays expressing opinions is very important. Learning in technological media such as the Internet where children can surf online to search for knowledge by themselves.

Therefore, parents should teach their children how to use the Internet to search for information and explain to their children about the hidden dangers. Therefore, language learning websites, zoos, and the astronomy world should be recommended. History or educational sites for children.

2. Learning … playing

Nowadays, good toys for children are not just dolls, robots, but parents, no matter how much they have changed. Every child needs a parent. They want to play with their parents, so don’t overlook their good interaction. And it helps to develop the brain better than letting your child play online games with only one communication.

On some days, parents should turn off social media and computer games and spend time with children naturally or take them together to exercise, run, play, and do activities around the house. They should help each other cook and plant trees.

3. Learn about nutrition

Food and nutrition are key factors that help your child’s body and brain grow to have a height and weight that increases according to the criteria, especially mother’s milk and 5 food groups in the right proportions, so do not let your child eat trendy foods such as unhealthy food, crunchy snacks, junk food rich in flour, sugar, and salt.

Don’t let your child skip breakfast because it will affect his brain learning. You should give the baby to drink milk, eat bread or prepare foods that are simple but good for the brain.

4. Learn a second language

Parents must encourage their children to learn more than one language. Whether the second language is English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, having a second language with you is an advantage in every way. Especially in future careers, the child will have a good opportunity and accept going to fight the wide world confidently.

5. Parents are best friends

Openness to the world is a good idea. Being a parent who listens to everything the child talks about, consults, and expresses opinions. Parents must accept their children’s counter-talk and encourage them to think interestingly and inquire about their surroundings.

These all cause learning and development of the brain. More importantly, you have to accept everything for who you are and explain what is right and wrong, what should be done and what should not be done by acting as a good role model for children to absorb and accept as a role model.

6. Appropriate exercise

Don’t let technology age harm your children. Nowadays, children spend more time on their smartphones, talking on the phone, or using the computer than going for a run or participating in any physical activity.

There are many health problems and developmental delays, so children should be taken for exercise, such as jumping rope, kicking a ball, and climbing toys. Ages 7-10, ride a bicycle, play table tennis, swim. A hula hoop and cycling in the park.

7. Know how to socialize

An Australian research journal has said that children who have friends before or since kindergarten will be able to adapt better children who have friends at school will help your child learn useful social skills, such as working in groups and approaching others.

Parents need to teach their children how to make friends, such as neighbors, bring sweets to their neighbors, and interact with others.

Take care of kids paying attention to their parents and exchanging opinions. Whenever they meet someone, teach them to greet and say goodbye to them. Knowing how to share snacks or toys with friends, only a few close friends, help the child to live happily in school.

New age parenting rules

  1. Train your child to wait:

When your child calls for or wants something, don’t immediately give him what he wants. Training your child to wait to understand what they are waiting for.

Because the way we react quickly to the child, that is, shouting immediately to the person, will result in the child getting used to being overbearing and will get used to saying if I can get it, I have to get it now.

  1. Practice disappointing:

Don’t be a parent trying to find out. Grab everything your child has to give because you are accustomed to only having to be ordered by someone else, not trying to do it yourself. Ultimately, the child will become helpless and struggle to live in society.

  1. Training children to share their own with others:

You may start by sharing toys with siblings or friends. Or you can share snacks with your parents, friends, and family members. Because sharing things with others is training your child to know how to give. Don’t make your child get used to receiving things from other people alone.

  1. Don’t love your child too much:

It is the parents’ responsibility to protect their children. However, you should do your best to understand how to open up, look at children, accept their flaws, and admit their mistakes.

Don’t blame anyone if the child has bad habits. So we are the cause of many matters and must accept what happened and hurry to fix what should be.


New age parenting represents a progressive shift from traditional parenting practices.

From fostering emotional intelligence to promoting individuality and open communication, new age parenting equips children with the skills necessary to thrive in the complex world they inhabit.

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We’re in this together! ✌️

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