Tips On Child Care Ideas For Working Parents That They Will Totally Love

First-time moms and dads often have a common question: is it possible to create a domestic routine that harmoniously balances work and children?

Know that, as challenging as this task is, the answer is yes!

Of course, the process will be different for each family, but, in general, with good planning and methods that facilitate the routine.

We can manage to spend quality time with the little ones on a daily basis, work outside the home and, [importantly] maintain good mental and physical health!

8 Tips On Child Care Ideas For Working Parents

To help you, we’ve prepared some tips on child care ideas for working parents inspired by good conversations with experienced moms that can make your routine easier.

Check it out!

1. Get organized in advance

The first thing you need to ensure a functional routine between work and children is a notepad, planner (calendar with space for notes), tablet or other.

Balancing professional and personal activities requires planning!

For mothers who are returning to their work routine or even for those who want to optimize their tasks, we have listed some important points that should be analyzed and documented in your chosen planning method:

  1. Set daily or weekly goals
  2. Determine what your priorities will be
  3. Always be aware of all occasional or otherwise events
  4. Divide your time between professional and personal tasks
  5. Plan your meals — believe me, this will make your day-to-day easier
  6. Reconcile your routine with that of your children (explanation below)

On that last point, remember that however much you are involved in the two routines, they are completely different. This means that your leisure time cannot always be reduced to moments of relaxation when playing with the little ones. Having a special moment dedicated only to you is essential!

However, as we don’t have 40-hour days, what we wrote above could be the way out: reconciling your leisure time with your children’s, your work hours with their study time, and so on. That way, it will be much easier to stay close to them during the day, as you will be in good sync with their activities.

Oh! Another point is that, to facilitate your environment, the most interesting thing is that you assemble weekly routines in a planned, strategic and realistic way.

Find out how in the next topic!

2. Build a functional routine

When thinking about all the points mentioned just above, it is necessary to put them into action in a practical and methodical way. However, why organize the domestic routine in this way?

By putting together a well-structured plan, you can focus 100% on your goals — one at a time! — and make your time much more profitable — everything a mother who works inside and outside the home needs, don’t you think?

The most recommended thing is that, at the beginning of the week, a complete schedule of all the activities that need to be fulfilled is prepared. And when we say complete, it’s really complete. Including all of your child’s lunch, dinner, nap, etc.

3. Be prepared for any unforeseen events

No matter how well planned your routine and that of your children is, unforeseen events can happen at any time.

For this reason, it is very important that you are as prepared as possible for any unusual eventuality, whether at work or with your children.

To do this, keep some key items in your car or purse: your children’s documents, a booklet with the numbers of doctors in your area, snacks, water, a spare asthma inhaler, wet tissue and whatever else you think is necessary.

Also, have a trusted person who can take care of the little ones if you can’t.

4. Create a rhythm for every activity in your day!

Dealing with children requires time and caution. Therefore, it is very important to know your routine and know how to offer the necessary demand for each task of your day.

It’s no use charging or wanting to do something more than necessary. After all, your child needs you with a full battery to play, give and receive affection, talk, etc. For this, what you need most is a rhythm for each task of your day.

Housework can be spread out over the week and done gradually. Now, when it comes to taking care of your child, such as games, school monitoring and others, it is very important that you set aside a longer period of quality.

Your time will be essential for your child’s development!

5. Count on people to share tasks

Organizing housework, child care and work outside the home is not easy. Even more so when we have to do everything ourselves! Trying to manage without any help is something that leaves many mothers overwhelmed and exhausted.

As much as our desire is, many times, to multiply ourselves in two, the solution to this problem continues to be to count on the help of the people in your life. If possible, seek help from your husband, mother, father, brother, grandmother, godmother, etc.

If these family figures cannot be present on a daily basis, look for groups of mothers in your area! Thanks to the internet, we can connect with people who live similar realities to our own and form incredible support networks.

To do this, just search for “group of mothers in (name of your city)” on Google or another search engine. There are moms who talk and help each other in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram groups and even face-to-face meetings.

Returning to the first alternative, if your husband, for example, does not collaborate much with the division of tasks, we have brought you a step by step that can help you to improve the situation:

  1. List all the tasks that need to be done at home
  2. Include all of your child’s activities, such as eating, bathing, and changing clothes
  3. Separate all activities by categories or rooms
  4. Choose which activity each one will perform
  5. Always keep up to date on what situation the activity is in

A good way to keep this routine up to date is to use a schedule in table format and leave it somewhere visible. The kitchen refrigerator is a great place for everyone in the house to see how every household activity is progressing.

6. Take care of your mental health

Amid so many tasks and commitments, our mental health often ends up being left aside. For infinite reasons, this is not something productive and much less advantageous for your routine. A brain that is heavily loaded with information can result in unwanted stress and misunderstandings.

To relieve the tensions of the day, it is very important that we carry out activities aimed at our own well-being.

Some tasks for you to do while thinking about yourself:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking and running
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Pedaling
  • Physical activities
  • Mental relaxation exercises

All of these activities can help your mental health. However, to ensure that your mind is not overloaded, it is very important that you do a psychological follow-up with a professional!

7. Get everything ready for the next day

Before going to sleep, take a few minutes to prepare everything you need for the next day. For example, choose which outfits will make your child fashionable, what her clothes will be, take the lunchboxes out of the freezer so that they spend less time in the microwave, etc.

By doing this, you sleep more carefree. After all, you know that everything is already prepared for the next day. Plus, you can even afford to stay a few extra minutes in bed. ?

8. Be sure to have a moment of complete attention with your child

Yes we know!

Often, tiredness, stress and other bad feelings accumulated throughout the day make it very difficult to dedicate a moment to the little ones with a good mood and an open and peaceful mind.

Therefore, we hope that, with the previous tips on child care ideas for working parents, these situations will become less and less frequent for all of us, allowing our little ones to have their deserved — and much desired — daily moment with their mother.

Taking advantage of small moments like a family dinner or a weekend outing is an excellent way to maintain a special bond with your little one. Another good way is to bet on games and children’s games that involve the whole family.

We deserve moments of total solitude and peace – they are essential to recharge ourselves and be ready to continue following a routine with happiness, love, dedication and physical and mental health.

Some important instructions on child care ideas for working parents while leaving the kids or baby at home!

  • Hire someone to babysit your kids
  • Ask a relative for help
  • Installation of cameras for their safety
  • Enroll your children in a preschool
  • Leave it with an older sibling who can care for the baby properly
  • Day care assistance or day care centers at the workplace

Final words

Remember that self-care is crucial, and it’s okay to take moments of solitude to recharge physically and mentally. Following the above tips on child care ideas for working parents can help you strike a balance between parenting and pursuing your career goals.

Even so, don’t blame yourself for having bad days that leave you with no energy to donate to the family. Forcing yourself into something will only make you more exhausted!

Keeping yourself mentally healthy, sharing responsibilities, having undivided attention with your child, and preparing for unexpected situations are vital components of this balanced parenting style.

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