Why Children Need Daycare – Find Out All About Children Daycare

Playful environments are created by children. The fundamental thing is to have space with some stimuli and freedom to explore.

The nursery is where children establish their first contact with early childhood education. At this stage, which includes children from 0 to 3 years old, there is concern aimed at the integral development of the child.

Babies need to explore objects, experiment with their bodies, venture out into spaces, play, communicate with other children and adults and expand their knowledge.

Serving as a complementary environment to the family, where the first contact with a place other than their own home is promoted, in which there is coexistence with other children and respect for certain agreements.

Know all about children daycare

Children’s Pedagogy is an area dedicated to daycare, preschool, and the early years of elementary school, serving students in the following age groups:

  • Daycare or nursery: children from 0 to 3 years old.
  • Preschool: children aged 4 to 5 years.
  • Early years: children from 6 years old.

The daycare provides playful learning experiences necessary for the subjective and intellectual development of the child. This is done considering the achievements that occur in this phase, such as gait, language, symbolic thinking, and sociability.

Pre-school, also known as early childhood education, is the period in which the child’s structure is worked on. Through recreational activities, motor coordination, language, and sociability are developed.

The early years encompass the stage in which the child’s literacy and intellectual development takes place. Students learn to read, write and perform simple math operations to work on reading, interpreting, and reasoning skills.

Why is daycare important for children?

When searching all about children daycare, it’s important to know its objective is the intellectual development of children. Daycare centers are considered part of preschools, with obligations to be fulfilled, such as:

Ensuring the social, psychological, and psychomotor development of children, providing activities that stimulate the expression of children, through singing, dancing, and games.

For example; contributing to the development of basic notions of coexistence and empathy, paying special attention to aspects inherent in children’s sense of community, dealing with the needs of each child, seeking to make the most of the potential of each one.

Daycare activities keep children active!

Exploring all about children daycare includes the planning of activities to be developed in the daycare center should consider the skills and competencies that children must develop at this period of their lives. In this sense, children’s schools, such as kindergarten, should structure their curricula with a focus on the development of gait, language, symbolic thinking, and sociability, for example.

Daycare and games: all about children daycare

In the daycare center, encouraging play is a fundamental factor in the good performance of the proposed activities. In addition to developing specific skills in kindergarten, the games contribute to the identification of possible needs for interventions and monitoring of children who have difficulties in their daily lives.

In kindergarten, children can reproduce their perceptions of the world through play. As it is a space destined, among other things, for constructing their ideas about the world, the daycare center is the ideal place to encourage children’s creativity, showing itself to be open to their proposals and manifestations.

In addition, another important aspect of playing goes beyond its ludic content, the combinations and steps that need to be fulfilled and respected. In this sense, the teacher has the task of paying attention to the main elements to be worked on in play situations.

Daycare and the importance of routine

For children to build their identity and autonomy, daycare centers need to pay special attention to children’s routines. This is justified by the fact that, with a well-structured routine in early childhood education, a safe environment is created for children, where they feel protected and more comfortable developing new skills.

In this regard, it is up to the teacher to fit some basic activities and know all about children daycare activities, such as the following.

Contact with nature

Being in contact with nature is extremely important in a nursery. In this type of environment, children can play more freely, using their imagination to create new games and possibilities to interact with the environment.

Contact with reading

In kindergarten schools, contact with reading is a very important element that must be constantly encouraged. In this sense, thought before literacy, reading contributes to the development of language and perceptions about the differences between everyday speech and speech resulting from reading a book excerpt by the adult reader, for example.

Recreational activities

The moment of recreation in kindergartens is important to provide children with a moment capable of developing numerous communicational aspects. Therefore, recreation must be present in the routine of children in daycare, being used to ask questions capable of developing some understanding of the world, such as:

Perception of the climate and temperature of the day; Differentiation of the seasons; Recognition of the days of the week; Awareness of time (past, present and future), through questions about the previous day’s events at the daycare center and at home.

Pay attention to the signs that the child gives!

Even after defining the daycare center or school in which the child will be enrolled, parents and guardians must always be attentive to the signs that the little ones give when there is something wrong in that environment.

Observe, then, if the child starts to show signs of irritability or not wanting to attend school anymore. Psychosomatic symptoms, such as considerable weight loss, constant headaches, or stomachaches, as Luciana exemplifies, are also important and serve as a warning, as well as injuries and other signs of physical aggression.

How to choose a good daycare for children?

The first point to consider when choosing a good daycare center for children consists of the confidence and security it conveys to those responsible. In this way, there must be recognition and identification between the pedagogical proposal of the kindergarten and what the family believes to be the best for their little one.

To make the journey easier when choosing a good daycare center for children, we have separated some essential elements to consider before making this important decision:

Physical structure

Although it is not everything, a good physical structure is essential for the activities proposed by the daycare center to be effectively developed. In this sense, it is necessary to assess whether the structure provided by the nursery school provides specific places and in good conditions for carrying out the hygiene of children, their food, the moment of napping and other pedagogical activities included in its curriculum.

Teachers’ academic preparation

As important as knowing and identifying with the pedagogical proposal of the daycare center is having knowledge and confidence about how the activities will be conducted. Thus, those responsible must be aware of the training and preparation of the teachers in charge of the classes at the kindergarten.

In addition, in the case of special needs of the child, care must be increased to be sure about the attention that will be given by these professionals to the child.

Relationship with parents and meeting times

Another important element when choosing the ideal daycare center for your little one is understanding how kindergarten relates to those responsible. In this sense, it is important to make sure about aspects such as:

Frequency of meetings with those responsible; How to report the child’s routine, progress, and needs; Valuing the presence of those responsible for activities carried out by the daycare center.

Thus, all about children daycare criteria must be considered for a good relationship between the kindergarten and the family. In addition, it is extremely necessary to analyze these points periodically to reassess them and understand whether they continue to converge with the expectations and requirements of those responsible.

Bottom line:

A daycare center or preschool is the best environment for learning social skills.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know all about children daycare and create a safe and favorable space for children to develop healthy relationships, creating their own experiences.

Caring, educating and playing at a single place, highlights the importance of children having a stable routine in day care centers, which is centered on children’s needs and not on institutional and adult needs.

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